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CMID Inspections

CMID Inspections

The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) Inspections provides a platform for all marine professionals to use a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels.
CMID Accredited Inspectors are free to use marine inspection format provided by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) for the inspection and audit of offshore marine vessels in the in the offshore industry.

Use of CMID inspection helps promote safety and efficiency whilst carrying out surveys and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual marine vessels.

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 cmid inspections fujairah

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Contact Us

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Bunker shortage investigation survey

Bunker shortage investigation survey

In the middle of the night, Marine surveyors Constellation operation manager received a call from one of asking us to investigate the cause of the bunker shortage of HFO received on one of their ships at anchor in Fujairah our customer. Understanding the customer's commercial pressure our independent marine surveyor immediately went to our branch in Fujairah harbor aboard the boat service within 15 minutes of nomination. The scope of work was to establish the facts of the alleged difference in the amount of cargo between the amount provided by the bunker barge and the amount received by the vessel.

Bunker shortage investigation survey-surveyors observation

On arrival at Fujairah anchorage of our maritime expert observed the barge bunker remaining still moored alongside the vessel. We approached the ship met the Master and Chief Engineer and explained the purpose of our visit. Thereafter, the Bunker Surveyor undersigned Fujairah anchor handling gauging all ship receiving bunker tanks and calculated ROB on board with the comparison of book Engine Room Log ROB and provided initial survey bunker report stating that the ship had received 55 MT least declared by the bunker barge.

Bunker shortage investigation survey-impact on survey

Master informed our Bunker Surveyor during the filling fitting that the bunker barge was pumping the air, giving the "cappuccino effect bunkers" received. As proof of what he provided the pictures taken from open manhole tank with evidence of foam on top of the amount received reservoirs for which master issued the LOP (protest letter) with the help of our Bunker investigator Krishna Shenoy Divakara. Before bunkering ship's crew invited representatives of the barge to check their bunkers but they refused to come on board, which is the normal practice of the vessel providing, receiving thereafter, officials of the ship boarded the barge bunker for the measurement of cargo and even was performed and established ROB. Master also told our surveyor certified that the request to verify the non-cargo tanks was not allowed by the crew of the barge and the refusal of the ship master who receives also issued LOP. Subsequently, our expert certified Bunker boarded the bunker barge and officials ships and conducted an inspection by surveyor company checklist. shortfall was noted to not be in the cargo tanks, and provided a sounding table was a copy and original would not have found on board. On our request to provide last discharge closing figures the same records were not available on board, we immediately asked the email bunker company to provide latest closing figures that was in the morning time. However, no response was received. In "non-declaration cargo tank / pre-delivery form" barge had said that some amount of MGO on board and which has also been reported in bunker barge engine room log book. Upon inspection of the engine room bunker, we found the service reservoirs and settling top complete with HFO as usual, he kept 2/3 for security reasons (expansion due to temperature, etc.) and one of "MGO bunker tanks with presence HFO" declared empty. calculating the bunkers, we found 55 tons of HFO was corresponding short amount declared by the receiving ship. After a long discussion the Bunker barge BDR revised figure for vessels benefiting saving our clients thousands of dollars figure.
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constant ship and draught survey

constant ship and draught survey

offshore Marine Surveyors from constellation Fujairah has a number of experienced surveyors to carry out investigations on behalf of projects agents, shipowners, charterers, P & I clubs. The constant ship is the difference between a ship and its design lightship displacement when i.e
 lightship displacement = lightship weight + constant light boat. The lightweight vessel and includes full equipment, spare parts of the engine room, water in the boiler and the lubricating oil in engines. And these are not included are the staff, goods, fuel, stores and water. Once the manufacturer declares the lightweight - it becomes permanent for the ship. The lightship plays an important role in all stability calculations and survey project.

constant ship and draught survey- Reasons for change

  •   Sedimentation in oil tanks or ballast fuel.    
  •  Hull fouling.
  •  accumulation coating (painting, tank coatings)
  •   Garbage collection (particularly in the hold)   
  •   Changing the ship spaces.
  •   The accumulation of stores (eg in the paint locker, engineering shops, spare parts)
  •   Refit, revisions, addition / removal of equipment. 
  •  Generally the lightness of a ship will increase over time particularly ships that are subject to corrosion and ships that are not regularly dry-docked. 
  • One estimate of the lightship increase rate is 0.5% per year. However vessel of light design is included for all survey project calculations.
Therefore, the constant changes due to the increase in weight of the light ship. A draft survey is a method of determining the weight of the goods by ship displacement calculations, the empty and loaded, taking account of any change in weight bunkers, ballast and consumables on board. 

constant ship and draught survey- important points to remember

An important point to consider is the density of water. If the density of water are not included in the calculations - there will be a shortage of freight which will be reflected in the calculated figures. Due to the water density change can be because water is not sea water, but brackish water. The density of water also depends on the season - summer, winter or the effect of the tide. Density are commonly used to determine the density of water. Two types of hydrometers are used - survey project of hydrometer which is calibrated under vacuum and the load line density meter is calibrated in the air.
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